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1. Does restaurant Jeny accept credit cards ?
- Restaurant Jeny does not accept credit or debit cards. Cash payments only.

2. What is the price of the tasting menu ?
- The price of the tasting menu with wine pairing is 830 kn. per person
  This includes 7 plates and 6 wines.
  The price of the tasting menu without wines is 650 kn.

3. Do I need a reservation ?
- Yes. By reservation only.

4. Is there a dress code ?
- There is no dress code. Casual is what best suits the atmosphere at Jeny.

5. Is the taxi fare included ?
- No. The taxi is a separate service. Restaurant Jeny only helps by organizing the pick up.

6. Does Jeny open for lunch ?
- No. Jeny only does evening service ( three arrival times ).

7. Does restaurant Jeny offer a la carte ?
-There is no a la carte on offer. Only tasting menus.

8. Is there a vegetarian option?
Yes.There is also a vegetarian tasting menu on offer.

9. Will the restaurant make modifications to the menu to accommodate for food allergies or intolerances ?
- Yes. Please let the restaurant manager know at least a day in advance.